Alpha Chi Epsilon Sigma Social Work Sorority, Inc.

Alpha Chi Epsilon Sigma Social Work Sorority Inc. provides educational, networking, training, links to services, fellowship, volunteering, advocacy, mentoring, and other opportunities that enhance the development of future social worker opportunities to diverse individuals, families, and communities through collaborative partnerships with diverse stakeholders while delivering culturally competent, person-driven services  to society on the micro, mezzo, and macro levels with a high level of standards and accountability while ensuring the maintenance of high ethical standards.

We believe all people can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Alpha Chi Epsilon Sigma Social Work Sorority Inc. is an organization that seeks to enhance the field of Social Work by being responsive to the needs of individuals, families, communities, mentees, and colleagues. It is also to ensure identification of needs, resources, education, and assistance is obtained  with cultural competence, equality, respect, and dignity throughout the process of empowerment and restoration of hope by all who desire and are in need.


Our Vision

Alpha Chi Epsilon Sigma Social Work Sorority Inc. are an integral leader and vital organization within the Social Work Profession and within Communities to be a catalyst for growing the field of Social Work, promote hope, provide enrichment opportunities,  education, advocacy and improve the quality of life for the diverse populations we serve, those in the profession, those matriculating through Social Work Programs and those aspiring to become a Licensed Social Worker on all levels.

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Provide advocacy, public awareness and education of issues regarding the communities we serve through the field of Social Work


Provide resources, educational opportunities, support and networking.


Provide mentoring to upcoming Social Workers to better equip them to be productive, efficient and effective clinicians within their areas of expertise. 


Be a change agent through utilizing hope and knowledge to provide the most culturally competent services by increasing information dissemination, programming, development of resources, and innovative ideas that decrease poverty, despair, and other ills that prevent others from reaching their full potential and empower them to make and maintain changes that increase viability.


Promote volunteerism and collaboration with other community partners and key stakeholders throughout the communities we serve to assist with increasing the number of diverse licensed clinicians, internships, supervision, mentoring and career opportunities that support the NASW, NASW Code of Ethics, licensing boards, and other Social Work organizations.


Create a network of increased access to upcoming community, educational, and CEU events and opportunities.

rainbow rose

Flower: Rainbow Rose


Sorority Colors: Diva Pink and Turquoise

National Observances

Founders’ Day

Alpha Chi Epsilon Sigma Social Work Sorority, Inc. was founded on March 3, 2020 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Every chapter and auxiliary shall commemorate the founding of the sorority on, or as close to March 3 as possible. Founders’ Day activities may include special chapter and auxiliary meetings, dinner, banquet, or community service activity.

All active and inactive members are encouraged to participate in Founders’ Day Observance activities. Every member must renew their pledge to the sorority through a rededication ceremony. Members shall wear uninterrupted white for the rededication ceremony.


Social Work Month

Social Work Month is the month of March. It is to celebrate the work that Social Workers worldwide do and to promote the principles of our field of Social Work. This observation is to bring awareness to the field of Social Work to the public’s attention. During Social Work month at least one (1) activity shall be done within the public through the Alpha Chi Epsilon Sigma Social Work Sorority, Inc. to emphasis the Sorority and Social Work Month observance.

The program(s) and/or events for Social Work Month may include a series of activities/programs focused on community service. Some suggested programs and events include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • An event with a prominent speaker

  • A special service on the theme of Social Work

  • A special Program presenting education or scholarship awards to high school and/or college students

  • A charitable activity in support of a local hospital, veteran’s service, youth program, or senior citizens home. A program presenting the Sorority’s National Projects.

The events must highlight Alpha Chi Epsilon Sigma Social Work Sorority, Inc. and the field of Social Work to the community at large.

International/National Projects

International and National Projects

Alpha Chi Epsilon Sigma Social Work Sorority, Inc. is committed to the overall improvement of health and mental health, the welfare of children, youth, and their parents and the community as a whole. Alpha Chi Epsilon Sigma Social Work Sorority, Inc. will conduct national and local projects that would improve human conditions amongst these and other identified populations through Sorority and Auxiliary wide events and projects.


Alpha Chi Epsilon Sigma Social Work Sorority, Inc. International and National Projects:

  • Children of Incarcerated Parents

  • Children Who suffer with mental illness

  • At-Risk Youth

  • Teens Aging out of Foster Care

  • Youth Who struggle with reading

  • Women’s Issues

  • Females in the Military

  • Sister Friend Empowerment Expo

  • Youth Teen and Young Adult Empowerment Summit

  • Back to School Extravaganza