COVID 19 Statement

ACES, Inc. COVID Statement


Due to the current challenges of COVID-19 ACES Social Work Sorority, Inc has made some pleasant changes to help accommodate Social Workers in need of our services. Since COVID-19, ACES Inc. has partnered with REFORM, Inc.’s Resource HUB, a program created as a 24/7 one-stop social and community program to where residents can contact REFORM, Inc. to receive information, linkage, to and assistance in obtaining services that include but are not limited to: mental health, food distribution, utility assistance, suicide recognition and prevention, clothing assistance, daycare for children and the elderly, substance use and abuse services, insurance information, support groups and networks, home care and hospice services, assistance for providing care for the elderly, government assistance, shelter assistance, HIV/AIDS/STD assistance, community information and assistance, medication resources, tutoring and other educational services and more. ACES Inc. is conducting Sorority business worldwide virtually through Zoom, via telephone and email. This will be standard practice until 2021. ACES Inc. also uses social media as well to provide information to the community to ensure those who ask about services know what is being offered by sharing and responding to requests for help. We monitor our ACES Inc. page and pages in other groups and private pages throughout the day to provide information. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, sign up for updates at or email us at To submit your agency information or other information in your community to be added to our website, please submit via our website.

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