Phaedra Ruddock-Dunn, LCSW

National Co-Social Action Coordinator

Phaedra Ruddock-Dunn, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of New Jersey who is committed to working with families, individuals and couples. She is currently the owner of Dunn Therapy and Wellness, a private practice in Montclair, NJ. Phaedra has spent the last twenty years working in communities in

Buffalo, NY, New York City, Charlotte, NC, Newark, NJ and Montclair, NJ. It is in these environments where Phaedra gained experience in working with trauma, therapeutic foster care, adoptions, domestic violence and school settings. During her time in one of her beloved communities, Newark, NJ, as a School Social

Worker, Child Study Team Member and School Administrator, Phaedra was and continues to be devoted to her goal of inspiring individuals, children and families.


She has experience using various treatment modalities, and specializes in utilizing therapy, which not only strengthens the mind and body connection but better enables the person to understand and heal from their trauma.


Phaedra understands that healing is an individual process and seeks to aid clients to better understanding themselves through identifying maladaptive patterns that no longer serve them. Phaedra has extensive experience in helping those who have experienced trauma, domestic violence, adoption, abuse,

depression, anxiety and more. She is committed to understanding the needs of the individual and the impact their environment has, while also helping to guide her clients as they move forward and thrive.


Phaedra’s professional affiliations and memberships include her being an active member in her local NAACP Chapter. Phaedra is also a Certified School Social Worker, a Wellness Institute Hypnotherapy graduate and a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. She also has a wealth of volunteer experience but

currently volunteers her time doing trainings for Sister to Sister and other local community based programs. Phaedra is also a founding board member of the Chad School Foundation as well as a co-founder of a mom’s group, created to bring local mom’s together to discuss a variety of topics including but not limited

to educational and parenting concerns.


Phaedra is passionate about civil rights, advocacy and education especially as it pertains to BIPOC children/people. Phaedra is currently working on her 200 hour yoga teacher certification and becoming a certified EMDR therapist.


Whether in a clinical, academic, or workshop setting, Phaedra continues to embark on opportunities to sharpen her skills as a clinician to diversify her practice.