Alpha Chi Epsilon Sigma Social Work Sorority, Inc. is comprised of women, men (Brothers), and those who do not identify as either with college training: Baccalaureate, Masters, Doctoral (earned) and are Licensed with a Professional Degree in Social Work. Its membership are achievers who exemplify the crème of the crop in the field of Social Work and set high standard of exhibiting excellence in regards to following the NASW Code of Ethics, Advocacy, Empowerment, Strength, being a Change Agent on micro, mezzo, and macro level of Social Work Practice.

Whether inducted at the Collegiate Auxiliary or Chapter level, all financial members hold the same rights and privileges of their respective levels. Members benefit form well-defined networking, educational activities, community service projects, and support systems within the Sorority and Auxiliary that offer National and International linkages. Membership affords members the opportunity to exercise their leadership potential, showcase their skill set, increase identification and implementation of programming in areas that are their passion, and to utilize their talents within the Sorority ad beyond.

Service is provided through activities such as but not limited to:

  • Conducting community service projects

  • Mentoring

  • Disseminating legislative information

  • Promoting voter education and voter registration

  • Participating with volunteer organizations as they provide services

  • Critical Response Teams

  • Contributing to Organized Charities

  • Awarding Scholarships and Financial Aid Workshops

  • Providing tutorial services to enhance the literacy of community residents

  • Food and Clothing Drives

  • Assistance to the Underserved and Underprivileged persons in the world

The Sorority also will extend its membership to women who have achieved national and international distinction and honor within the field of Social Work by inviting them to become Honorary members. Honorary members are nominated and then voted on at Boule by the body. These special members are inducted at the National Level and hold membership in an honorary chapter designated for their level. Honorary members are afforded many of the same rights and privileges of the general body. Honorary are members of the Alpha Zeta Chapter.

Collegiate Auxiliaries are named by Greek letters in order of the Greek Alphabet, for example, Alpha, Beta, Gamma. Collegiate Auxiliary members are students matriculating at an accredited college or university, declared their major at their respective college/university in the college of Social Work, and have been inducted into the Auxiliary. Collegiate Auxiliaries must be sponsored by a Chapter and members are provided Social Work mentoring from the Chapter. They are distinguished by their pursuit of a bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution AND are enrolled in the Social Work Department.


NOTE: Collegiate Auxiliary members are not eligible for collegiate membership after completion of first bachelor’s degree. Collegiate Auxiliary members must obtain a Social Work License and complete membership intake into a Chapter. Additionally, to the extent someone becomes a member of the Collegiate Auxiliary chapter and stops being enrolled as a student before completing their undergraduate degree, they may transfer into a chapter to be under “mentoring watch” as an associate. Collegiate Auxiliary members can be female or male (Brothers).


Chapters are distinguished by the use of Alpha at the end of the chapter’s name, for example, Alpha Alpha, Beta Alpha, Gamma Alpha. Membership into a chapter shall be comprised of Alpha Chi Epsilon Sigma Social Work Sorority, Inc. members who are college/university graduates AND Licensed as a Social Worker on at least the Licensed Social Worker level and above. Chapter members can be female or male (Brothers).

We believe all people can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Alpha Chi Epsilon Sigma Social Work Sorority Inc. is an organization that seeks to enhance the field of Social Work by being responsive to the needs of individuals, families, communities, mentees, and colleagues. It is also to ensure identification of needs, resources, education, and assistance is obtained with cultural competence, equality, respect, and dignity throughout the process of empowerment and restoration of hope by all who desire and are in need.


Our Vision

Alpha Chi Epsilon Sigma Social Work Sorority Inc. are an integral leader and vital organization within the Social Work Profession and within Communities to be a catalyst for growing the field of Social Work, promote hope, provide enrichment opportunities,  education, advocacy and improve the quality of life for the diverse populations we serve, those in the profession, those matriculating through Social Work Programs and those aspiring to become a Licensed Social Worker on all levels.

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